A day out with the Orphans

Socialization is one integral part of child care and development. It is important aspect because it develops the child’s skills of interaction, talking and to let the kids learn to live with a group of people outside his family.

With this that the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA), through its social welfare program particularly the Orphanage Care recently held a day out with the seventy-eight (78) Moro orphans on January 28, 2017 at Club Cusiong, Kusiong, Datu Odin Sinsuat, Maguindanao.

According to Ustadza Anisa Taha, orphanage director, the activity is conducted monthly to provide the children an outdoor activity where they can relax and enjoy with the new environment around them together with their peers.

“These children are attending classes from Monday to Thursday and some other activities inside the orphanage, so, we should also need to expose them in a new environment for their social development”, Taha added.

She added that through this activity, we let the children see the creation of Allah S.W.T (plants and sea) for them to realize and appreciate this blessing from Almighty.

“Fresh air would also be good to their health”, Taha further told.

Other purpose of the activity was to make them feel that even in the absence of their parents, they still have a complete family.

“Also through the activity, that we promote team building and strengthen camaraderie among them the children”, Taha said.

Accordingly, the orphans were divided into six (6) firqa (group); two (2) for boys and four (4) for girls for a various game such as quiz bee, blowing of flour, sack race, swimming and soccer for boys and boat riding.

“Each group has its team leader for every game”, Taha told.

At the end of the day was giving of prizes for all the winners and consolation prize for the non-winners.

“Everybody won the game because everybody learned how to join actively”, Taha reported.

Visitors from Turkey joined the orphans during the activity.

During the end of the activity, Omer Kesmen, representative of Insani Yardim Vakfi said in his message: “you’ll be the future leader of the Bangsamoro, In Sha Allah.”

Orphanage Care Program of BDA is launched in 2015 serving in-house and distant orphans with support from the IHH.


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