Aid to Moro widows thru Turkey support

One hundred twenty (120) Moro widows from Cotabato City received assistance during the Aqiqa Program conducted on March 29, 2017 at Ugur Soleyman Suleymez Orphanage, Cotabato City.

According to Aniza Taha, orphanage director, “there were seven (7) cattle slaughtered and were distributed to the widows.”

Taha said that every widow received two (2) kilos of beef.

“They also received food assistance like five (5) kilos of rice, soy sauce, can goods, sugar and others”, Taha added.

Taha reported that the distribution was facilitated by the visitors from the Turkey and staff from the orphanage managed by the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA).

Ramadhan 2017

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