BDA-CenMin 34th MBD yields 205 blood units

The Bangsamoro Development Agency-Central Mindanao (BDA-CenMin), in collaboration with the Cotabato Regional and Medical Center (CRMC), collected 205 blood units in the 34th Muslim Blood Donation (MBD) conducted onOctober 1, 2017 at City Mall, Cotabato City.

BadrudinSendad, head of BDA CenMin Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation Division recognized that effort of the men and women who made this activity successful once again.

“We have to thank ourselves for exerting our utmost efforts, our partners for continuing better partnership, our supporters for their unwavering commitment, moreover, our donors for their unending and strengthened commitment of donation by sharing their lives through bloodletting; and above all, to Allah for if not because of Him and His mercy, all of these are nothing,” Sendad emphasized.

However, he also urged everyoneto work harder to double the blood units collected thus far as the demand for blood supply is increasing.

BDA-CenMin Regional Manager AbdulrasheedAmbil, said that “we will do everything possible and lawful so as to strengthen our quality service of healthy lifestyle through MBD”.

Ambil is a gold medal awardee in Region-XII, Mindanao, Philippines in terms of blood donation.

NazneenBiruar-Piang, MBD Coordinator informed thatweeks before the 34th MBD, they received Php56, 098.00 donation from benevolent donors intended for the procurement of multi-functional foldable beds for bloodletting activity.

“This is blessing and a welcome development for MBD,”Ambil said in response to 15 units of beds procured and officially used during the 34th MBD.

“Congratulations to the MBD team for exerting the extra-ordinary efforts that resulted to this blessing and development,”Ambil ended.

Prof. Hashim B. Manticayan, MAIS, former BDA-CenMin Regional Manager and now president of League of Bangsamoro Organizations (LBO), for the first time in his presidency, expressed his strong and unwaveringcommitment of support to the MBD in behalf of the 64-member organizations of LBO.



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