BDA, CFSI held joint reflection session to aid MTF-RDP implementation

In an effort to support the project implementation in the ground, the Bangsamoro Development Agency in close collaboration with the Community and Family Services International conudcted a joint reflection session on June 27-28 at the CFSI’s Center for Excellence and Humanitarian Service in Cotabato City.

This reflection workshop is intended towards assessing the activities undertaken in the ground through the Camps Project Support Team and the Joint Task Force for Camps Transformation as relayed by CFSI Project Coordinator Engr. Nasser Sinarimbo who gave the overview of the activity.

Sinarimbo also said that together “we will move as one” being partners in this intervention.

The Mindanao Trust Fund – Reconstruction and Development Project II (MTF-RDP/2) is an initiative jointly undertaken by BDA and the CFSI with an end in view of contributing to the gains of the peace process and improving access of communities to basic socio-economic services and Alternative Learning System which began early April this year until April 2019.

In his inspirational talk delivered during the session, BDA Executive Director Mohammad S. Yacob urged everyone to be courageous enough to recognize and admit mistakes straightly rather than pinpoint blame to others, in case there is anything.

“We hope that those who may commit mistakes (i.e did not follow instruction as agreed in the guidelines) would admit and tell it straight”, Yacob said.

He also reminded the team particularly those working in the ground to be guided by the standard procedures and stick to it.

“Normally, we are not wrong in doing things; it’s not following the instructions that let’s slip from the correct process” whereby he stressed on understanding and internalizing the project objectives to stay focus.

Through the BDA Operations Head and Project Coordinator Rhadzni Taalim, the approved sites for the six major camps namely Badr, Omar, Rajamuda, Abubakar, Bilal and Bushra had been presented and concurred by the team.

Further, the team were also guided by the discussion on the terms of reference of each staff as well as the deliverables to be met along the way.

Pool of presenters included also M & E Head and Planning Officer Engr. Rahib Labay for the step 2 output and project deliverables and Work Plan Preparation for Step 3; Community Development Officer/Manager Abdulrasheed Ambil for the SPP dossier, Capacity Development Specialist Ms. Basila Siago for the TORs and wrap up notes, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer Ms Emaleeh Pequit on revisiting the processes involved in the step 2 activities among others.

Engr. Jandatu Salik presented an item by which to easily cope with the pressing demands of work in the ground.

Meanwhile, Engr.. Sinarimbo also shared notes on how to improve the partnership and make things flow smoothly for both partners to achieve desired goal.

BDA key officers namely Abdulmaguid Salidatan, Administrative Division Head, Julhaina Cadon, Finance Head together with the CPST among the six camps operated by the MTF-RDP/2 and other CMO staff attended the event.

CFSI on the other hand was also represented by men and women who are doing much effort in order to realize the project objective.

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