BDA joins 12th World Islamic Economic Forum in Indonesia


Photo courtesy Dr.Saffrullah facebook account

Key officials of the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA), Dr. Saffrullah Dipatuan, Chairman and Mohammad S. Yacob, Executive Director attended the 12th World Islamic Economic Forum (WIEF) on August 2-4, 2016 at Jakarta, Indonesia.

“First of all, we feel that we are not alone. When you are invited, it means you are being recognized”, Yacob told in an interview.

He added that BDA as development arm of the Bangsamoro is very glad that we are being recognized in the Muslim world.

It was informed that said activity was an annual conference organized by WEIF Foundation in different Muslim countries around the world particularly in Southeast Asia.

Accordingly, the WIEF provides avenue to discuss challenges, opportunities, and latest issues and trends surrounding the huge potential of consumer economy, and how it will shape the global business landscape.

Yacob told that the forum was based on a theme “inclusive growth” and empowering future business in the Muslim communities.

“It aimed to network the businessmen in the Muslim communities for collaboration. So now, it focused on SME (Small-Medium Enterprise) to share experiences of different countries towards economic,” he said.

Businessmen, Muslim leaders, government representatives, economists, academia and different sectors around the globe convened in the 3-day activity.


Photo courtesy Dr.Saffrullah facebook account

Yacob also reported that during the 3-day forum, there were side meetings conducted along with the invited organizations to share and represent their organization.

“Every lunch, there was this so called ‘Business Linkaging” where we able to share what is BDA and we were also able to meet other organizations and known personalities”, he mentioned.

Accordingly, on the first day of the program, the heads of states gave their speeches where BDA abled to be updated on the status and economic development of other developing countries. While on the second part were presentations of economic minister about improvements of SMEs, its challenges how will it connect to the funders.

“So, in the Bangsamoro, I think, BDA must be capacitated. We’ve gone through different learning experiences in the world where we could select and localize it so that our Bangsamoro communities will also benefit,” Yacob ended.


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