Capacity Building and Strengthening

The Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA’s) mantra is “building people who will build the nation”. BDA was founded to primarily provide training for Bangsamoro professionals on various field of specialization. This is in line with the guiding principle of BDA that “change must begin with one’s self” through the facilitation of various training for Bangsamoro professionals both local and international.

Towards this action, BDA has been working in partnership with other organizations to open windows of opportunities for those professionals who are willing to pursue their education.

Malaysian Technical Cooperation Program (MTCP) 

Australian Awards

BDA staff who were grantees of the Australian Awards

  1. Aliuddin Haron
  2. Sarah Panglima
  3. Norhaini Manongkarang
  4. Julie Maliga

JDS-Japanese Grant Aid for Human Resource Development  

BDA staff who were grantees of the program

  1. Marifah M. Agar
  2. Engr. Nasroden Pagayao

Scholarships and Trainings to Turkey 

In-Country Scholarship (ICSP) 

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