China trip pushes BDA to participate more in building better transpo system in Mindanao


From his five-day trip from China, Mohammad S. Yacob, executive director of the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA) came in strong spirit and belief that better transportation system in Mindanao will connect Bangsamoro areas to the rest of the region.

“Through the planned Mindanao Railway System, we are convinced that we will be more connected to other areas in the region; build stronger relationships for more collaborative efforts towards a more developed Mindanao”, Dir Yacob stated.

He, together with other personalities from other institutions in the Mindanao like Dr. Habib Macaayong, President of MSU-Marawi and and in the Philippines like G. Khaliq Madueno, a business consultant, was invited to a study tour in China where they were exposed to the Railway System in the said country for promotion and learning, which is a beneficial experience in planning for possible similar transportation system applicable in Mindanao setting.

“As development agency in Bangsamoro, our participation in the said trip is relevant because it is part of our duty to perform and take part in planning and discussing future development initiatives”, Dir. Yacob said.

He added that in building better transpo system, less traffic is expected thus a fast tracking of goods and people which shall then result to better economy in the region.

Part of the China trip was boarding on the modern train from Shanghai to Beijing and visit to the company manufacturing the facility which is the China Railway International Group.


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