Community Development in Conflict Affected Areas in Mindanao (CD-CAAM)

The Community Development in Conflict Affected Areas in Mindanao (CD-CAAM) Project targets on (i) Establishing an effective and efficient implementation mechanism for community development projects in the CAAM and (ii) Equipping the BDA with a mechanism to lead and manage community development smoothly upon reaching a final peace agreement between the Government and the MILF.

The project involves different stakeholders such as JICA, the Embassy of Japan, OPAPP, MILF/BDA, ARMM and LGUs (municipality LGUs and communities in Barangays). Its implementation is piloted in two (2) municipalities namely, Sultan Mastura in Maguindanao and Matunggao in Lanao del Norte.

Moreover, it is being implemented through three distinct phases such as 1) Preparatory phase which mainly involves the formulation of the project implementation plan and review of development needs; 2) Implementation phase which includes social preparation, implementation of pilot projects (BDA/LGU collaborative type), and implementation of community-led type pilot projects; and 3) Compilation phase which is on the development of Community Development Guidelines.


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