Continuing support for distant orphans

Three hundred seventy four orphans across the six regional clusters of the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA) have recently received support for their basic needs through the Orphan Care Program supported by the InsaniYardimVakfi (IHH), a Turkey-based humanitarian foundation.

These children are recipients of the said program in line with the Humanitarian Unit of BDA.

Every month, these orphans are entitled of financial assistance that are big help for their daily spending e.g. education.

The Orphan Care Program of BDA also benefits in-house orphans who are accommodated at the Moro Orphanage Complex being managed by the BDA thru IHH support.

In-house orphans received free lodging, schooling and were also provided other benefits like outdoor activities for social development and appreciation of the surroundings outside the orphanage and school.

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