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Rejuvenating the workforce- BDA’s teambuilding activity

For an agency tasked of the development projects for conflict-affected communities, along with other mission for the Bangsamoro, sustaining the spirit of its workforce is essential for effective and efficient delivery of services.

“We organized this simple team building activity for all of us at BDA to have some time to enjoy together away from our daily work even for a day only”, Sarah Panglima said.

Sarah is the human resource management officer (HRMO) of the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA).

Officers and staff of the agency had fun together during the team building event on September 3, 2018 at Amaya Resort, Kusiong Beach in Datu Odin Sinsuat Maguindanao.


During the activity, various games such as sack race, tug of war, balloon bursting pinoy henyo and others were prepared and joined by active staff of BDA that made the event more fun and memorable.

“In this activity, you are to obey rules in playing the games prepared for you”, BDA Executive Director Mohammad S. Yacob told staff.

He also added that this fun-filled activity proves that we can be active players without compromising our religion. This is a ‘guided happiness’ we are undertaking, he noted referring to the delight that can be derived from this team building effort.

“This activity is very helpful in relieving stress”, one staff said.

Another staff shared that some physical games gave him body pain which made him realized the need to have stretching some times for stronger and healthier body.

After the games, BDA family all together join the “boodle fight” and savor the foods prepared by the beach.

Swimming at the sea followed where everyone enjoyed the cool water while some went banana-boat riding.

There were BDA members also who satisfied themselves by just watching the scenes and breathing the fresh air from the sea.

For the BDA Management, this team building activity is important in promoting and strengthening teamwork among staff.

“As one saying goes, teamwork makes the dream work!”

It also builds and develop further the established working relationship between and among employees especially from top to bottom.

BDA is a development agency mandated of the relief and rehabilitation in the conflict-affected areas in Mindanao and of building the capacity of the Bangsamoro for long-aspired future governance role.

At present, the agency has over one hundred number of staff working together in managing various programs and projects all intended for the development of underserved communities.

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