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Road and water project opens for community dev’t. in Maguindanao

Community members of two villages in Maguindanao particularly Brgy. Saniag in Ampatuan and Brgy. Tuayan in Datu Hoffer rejoiced as they formally received development projects that will help improve their access to basic services towards a better life.

In Brgy. Saniag, the project installed was water system that is expected to provide clean water for the beneficiaries. The project will also help reduce time of getting water from the distance, since tap stands were built nearby the households. It also gives clean and safe water that will be good for the health of the recipients.

In Brgy. Tuayan, the road project is beneficial towards the community development of the village.

Community beneficiaries will have better road for easy transportation whether of local products, of pregnant women, schoolchildren and among others.

Project stakeholders attended the turnover ceremonies of the said projects on February 16, 2019 and shared the joy with the community members of both Brgy. Saniag and Brgy. Tuayan.

They are officials and representatives from the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA), Community and Family Services International (CFSI), Joint Task Forces on Camp Transformation (JTFCT), local government units (LGUs), people’s organizations (PO), private contractors and others.

The water system project in Saniag is funded through the Mindanao Trust Fund administered by the World Bank while the road project is supported by the Spanish Cooperation for International Development (AECID).

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