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Turn-over of tribal hall in Datu Hoffer, Maguindanao- a celebration of history, identity and unity

A celebration of history, identity and unity; and of the common aspirations towards better life- is the story to tell to describe the turnover ceremony of tribal hall to Teduray community in Brgy. Tuayan, Datu Hoffer, Maguindanao on August 15, 2019.

The project was funded through the Mindanao Trust Fund- Reconstruction and Development Project Phase II (MTFRDP/2), a program partnership signed between BDA and CFSI that aims to improve access of targeted communities in the conflict-affected areas in Mindanao to basic socio-economic infrastructure and alternative learning system. Moreover, this is in line with the Normalization Aspect of the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB).

During the turnover ceremony, the people’s organization received certificate of turnover that signals the formal acceptance of the project and the responsibility on operation, maintenance and sustainability.

The turnover ceremony became a gathering of all sectors in the community that speaks of the unity and common aspirations for development of everyone.

Chairman of the Task Forces on Camp Transformation (TFCT) Zacaria Guma together with his colleagues Joecarno Gandawali and Abdul Makakena reminisced stories of war as the capital of the on-going progress in camp communities.

He told about their experience of war and struggle and that there will be more development to come, thus it is important to be united and work together, think and act for the welfare of many, over one’s personal interest.

He expressed support to the indigenous people telling them that they are one citing the history of Mamalu and Tabunaway.

Mayor Bai Johaira “Bong” Ampatuan of Datu Hoffer town surprised the crowd when she came and graced the event. She stayed shortly but the community and other partners in the gathering appreciated much her coming that manifested the support of the municipal local government unit.

Nasrodin Mamaluba, municipal administrator spoke in behalf of the MLGU telling the Teduray community of the common history of IPs and the Moro; and expressed thanks for the development projects in Datu Hoffer.

Brgy. Chairman Abdulmoin Ampatuan urged the community to help each other for the sustainability of the project.

Mario Catubay, Jr. of the Community and Family Services International (CFSI) congratulated the IP community for their project that would speak of their identity and life.

Hashim Manticayan, deputy executive director of the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA) expressed deep appreciation to the MLGU attendance. He briefly mentioned how relationship between BDA-MILF has improved over the years of implementing development projects.

He told community that the project is symbolism of unity. He spoke of the BDA mandates as development arm of the MILF, created as manifestation of the sincerity of the MILF to the peace negotiation.

Other sectors who attended the community were from the MILF political committee, social welfare committee, civil society organization of Datu Hoffer, community members and among others.

This tribal hall project is in line with the inclusive approach of the MTFRDP/2 that aims to provide assistance to underserved communities in the CAAM.

Such project along with others similar interventions helped in improving access of communities to basic services and in boosting the confidence of the people towards the peace process.

The project was funded by various donors (through the Mindanao Trust Fund) such as the European Union, the government of Sweden, Australia, Canada, United States, New Zealand and the World Bank, which also serves as Trust Fund Administrator and Secretariat.

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