ON CAPACITY BUILDING AND STRENGTHENING: BDA staff completes Master’s Degree abroad

Two staff of the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA) have recently completed master’s degree abroad this year.

Sarah Panglima received her diploma of Masters in Human Resource Management from University of Newcastle in Australia on September 28, 2017.

Panglima is the first BDA staff to complete master degree in said country. She is among the five scholars of the Australian Awards from BDA.

Julie Maliga, AliuddinHaron, NorhainiManongkarang and Abdulnasser Ales are currently taking their respective courses under the same scholarship program.

Meanwhile, Engr. NasrodenPagayao also finished Masters in Engineering from Hiroshima University in Japan last September 20, 2017.

Engr. Pagayao is the second BDA staff who completed master degree in Japan. He was next to Marifa Agar with Master in International Relations from International Christian University.

Another BDA staff who qualified to the JDS program is Engr. Ismail Guiamel who is presently studying Masters in Engineering also in Hiroshima University.

Prior to this, there were also other numerous scholarship programs availed by other BDA staff.

Continuing education as part of capacity building and strengthening for its staff is one of the priorities of BDA in line with its mantra “building people who will build the nation”.

Staff who underwent studies, short course and trainings abroad are expected to resume serving at BDA while the agency continue to carry its mission of pursuing development in the Bangsamoro.

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