Online human resource database system set to improve BDA’s HR mapping

In mapping out its human and technological resources, the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA) set up an online database system that is geared towards accessible and better information of its staff and volunteers this year 2018 as initiated by the agency’s human resource development (HRD) division.

According to Hashim Manticayan, head of BDA HRD Division, the system specifically aims to (a) level-up the agency’s HR mapping; (b) gather all available information both human and technologies; (c provide easy access on the staff and volunteers’s information whenever needed; (d) determine the capacity in terms of knowledge and skills of all BDA trainers and otehr expertise within the agency’s officials, staff and volunteers.

He explained that the required person to register at the system are; BDA Management Support Team (MST); regional and provincial managers; regional and provincial MST; all staff from Central Management Office (CMO) to Regional and Provincial Management Office (RPMO); all trainers from different areas specifically but not limited to the training such as the ValuesTransformation Training (VTT) and Tahderiyyah Curriculum; volunteers; scholars (in and outside the country) and; trainees outside the country.

Manticayan reported that as of February 20, 2018, there were already one hundred twnety six (126) BDA persons who have already registered to the said online system since its launch in January this year.

Human resource for BDA is very different given the unique identity and existence of the agency being an organization borne out of the peace process between the Government of the Philippines (GPH)and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). It started with a pool of volunteers who were trained on community mobilization and organizing. BDA begun with few financial but sufficient human resources which enable it to surpass the challenges during its infant years.

“Mapping out our human resource is very significant for BDA because it will help us consolidate the capacities and skills that we have and at the same time find out what field is lacking or needs further attention. Moreover that one of the objectives in creating BDA is building the capacity of the Bangsamoro for future governance role”, BDA executive director Mohammad S. Yacob stated.

Various training, short courses and master degrees in-country and abroad were already made available for BDA for the past years through the support of numerous partners.

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