Abu Hurayra (may Allah be pleased with him) reported that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, “The person who strives on behalf of the widows and poor is like those who strive in the way of Allah and like those who fast in the day and pray at night.”

The above Islamic quote becomes one of the guidance of BDA in managing the Orphan Care Program. The program was started in 2015, when the Insani Yardim Vakfi (IHH), a humanitarian foundation based in Turley partnered with the BDA to be the agency to manage the Orphanage Center that they established in the earlier year. 

The program provides assistance to Moro orphans. The orphanage center inaugurated in May 2015 houses number of orphans through the in-house service while other registered orphans are being catered through the distant service of the program

Inauguration of the Ugur Suleymen Soylemez Orphanage (MORO ORPHANAGE COMPLEX). The event marked the official launching of the Orphanage. The Orphanage has been operating for years but was not officially known to the public. The inauguration becomes the starting point for the BDA and the IHH to begin the full operation of the center. Selected BDA staff were brought to Turkey for orientation and training on orphanage management and were taught on the database system for recruitment of orphans.  

Orphan Solidarity Days.


World Orphans Day. An annual event organized for the orphans. It involves outdoor activities that promote and help social development for the children.

Gardening for the Orphans

Day out for the Orphans


More News and Stories about the BDA-IHH Orphan Care Program

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