Sharing of technology for sustainable community-based enterprise

Staff of the Programme for Local Economic Development through Enlightened Governance and Grassroots Empowerment (PLEDGE) of the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA) reunited two months after the program completion in October 2016 for a meeting on January 21-23, 2017 at El Bajada Hotel, Davao City.

According to PLEDGE coordinator, the activity was intended for the team to discuss and determine the assistance the program can extend to the still on-going programs of BDA specifically for the livelihood components of the Bangsamoro Solidarity and Bangsamoro Assistance for Development and Community Empowerment (Bangsamoro ADVANCE).

“We reviewed the work plan of the said programs under its livelihood component and we found out that our team can help in the enhancement of the business plan of the People’s Organizations (PO)”, Cadon stated.

She added that “our role is to give them supervision regarding this matter through the Community Enterprise Development Officers (CEDOs) of each region”.

Cadon further said that one of the outputs of the meeting was an action plan towards the identified intervention they can provide for the Bangsamoro Solidarity and Bangsamoro ADVANCE.

“This initiative to share the technology or the good practice from PLEDGE is also based on the recommendation from the World Bank, as secretariat of the Mindanao Trust Fund (MTF), to use the remaining funds of every group in line with the progress of their enterprises, and impart the knowledge that the team acquired from the program related to the enterprise development”, she said.

PLEDGE, the livelihood component of the MTF was completed in October 2016 reaching 4, 853 beneficiaries across the eleven sites of six regional offices of BDA such as Central Mindanao, Southern Mindanao, Davao, Ranaw, Zamboanga Peninsula and Zamboanga-Basilan.

Bangsamoro Solidarity and Bangsamoro ADVANCE are programs conceptualized in support to confidence building measures of the GPH- MILF as provided in the Comprehensive Agreement on Bangsamoro (CAB). This was also in respond to the clamour from the communities especially on the implementation of basic services including livelihood opportunities.

The programs are supported by the MTF with various donors such as the European Union, the government of Sweden, Australia, Canada, United States, New Zealand and the World Bank which also serves as trust fund secretariat.


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