Trained multi-media group from Turkey hopes to apply learning for B’moro broadcasting

The group of multi-media youth who underwent 2-month long training in broadcasting in Turkey shared hopes that all the learning they gained will be applied soon to better broadcast relevant information and stories about the Bangsamoro.

The group is composed of professionals from various offices of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) namely Zainodden Victor, Benyamen Cabuntalan and Haidar Midtimbang of the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA), Jamaile A. Edsa from the Office of the MILF Chairman and Monhamir M. Guinaid of the Bangsamoro Leadership Management Institute (BLMI).

Confident that they really learned a lot from their Turkey training, the team is looking forward to produce better short films about Bangsamoro, to re-echo and share the learning they gained to whoever interested groups or individuals, moreover hoping that the Bangsamoro will have own television station where culture-sensitive broadcasting will be available.

They shared that the training they attended consisted of both theory and actual exposure on the technicalities of the equipment used in production for TV.

“We were taught about set design, lighting, video-camera training, image recording, camera control, image definition and subtitle; sound, animation and graphics and among others”, the team told.

It was informed that the two-month training took place at the TRT (Turkish Radio and Television) Channel where the team had the chance to hear and get sharing from their experiences in establishing, managing, running and sustaining the institution including the various programs and segments it airs on regular basis.

Key officials and staff of the TRT met and welcomed them in their channel, introduced and discussed to them those topics relevant for the overall operation of the TRT.

TRT is television channel in Turkey founded on 1 May 1964 and serves as a public service broadcaster which mission is to expand understanding, challenge assumptions, encourage debate and influence positive behavior.

These two months of broadcasting training aims to enlighten the participant’s technical know-hows to provide programs and services that inform, educate, enlighten, and enrich the public and help inform civil discourse essential to the Bangsamoro region through the use of social media and TV network.

At present, days after arrival from Turkey here in Cotabato, the team is now tasked to video-document relevant activities such as the Mobile Health Aid during the massive rally on the BOL in Maguindanao.



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