Training of trainers on Values Enhancement Training in Central Mindanao

In line with the principle that “change must begin in one’s self”, a training of trainers on Values Enhancement Training (VET) was organized by the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA) Regional Management Office-Central Mindanao (RMO-CenMin) on March 5-7, 2017 at its training center located at #23 Jasmin St., Brgy. RH 6, Cotabato City.

Participants to the training were thirty-five Bangsamoro trainers who were development catalysts of BDA coming from all of its eleven provinces in Central Mindanao while some were staff at the regional office.

According to Nadheer Esmail, Training Officer (TO), the training aimed to strengthen the capacity of the trainers to develop them towards becoming better and effective in their respective roles.

“We also want them to replicate this new knowledge and modules to their respective provinces”, Esmail said.

There were six sessions during the training discussed and presented by Omar Hamdan and Guimaludin Sampulna.

Actual presentation and coaching were also part of the activity.

During the closing program, Rhadzni Taalim, head of BDA Human Resource and Development (HRD) delivered an inspirational message he shared.

“As a leader, the most effective way is to lead by example”, Taalim said as he considered them as leaders.

Taalim also stressed that replication of this enhancement training must be also done to other areas.

He further shared some technique towards powerful presentation.

Engr. Tohami Ebrahim, program operation officer (POO) stated that, “this is another milestone in your life, the knowledge you gained may considered as your new weapon in facing the life as trainers.”

“And of course, this is also another responsibility for you after this day”, he added.

Dr. Elizaldy Piang, vice chairman of BDA Board of Directors (BOD) related to participants about the humble beginning and history of BDA.

VET is a follow through of the Values Transformation Training (VTT), the flagship program of BDA. VET serves as refresher training for both trainers and participants of the activity to continue or strengthen the values that were being developed among them.

In included six sessions such as; session I- Values and Ihsan; session II- Islam (its Pillars and their importance); session III-Imaan (its articles and importance); session IV-Tawbah; session V-Taqwa; and session VI-Characteristics of a Muslim community.


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