Various CSOs in Mindanao attend int’l Islamic microfinancing study tour in Indonesia

Various civil society organizations (CSOs) and institutions in Mindanao including the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA) joined eight-day study tour on Islamic micro financing in Jakarta, Indonesia on April 23-29, 2018.

Julhaina Cadon, BDA head for finance division represented the agency to said event.

Cadon shared that the activity was educational and significant for BDA.

“Shariah compliant micro-financing has been one of our dreams at BDA, to be able to help and be help and moreover really practice the Islamic way of financial management”, she stated.

Cadon related that the experience she gained from the tour was very inspiring for BDA to replicate.

“We were brought to those communities and organizations that were partnered by the Dumpet Dhuafa, an institution practicing Islamic micro-financing. We saw that it is really possible and it can also be done by BDA, in our community”, she said.

Participants were also exposed to the local enterprises selling various products out of the available resources in the community.

Part also of the said event was a presentation about the state of micro-finance in the Muslim region in the Philippines where BDA together with other participants were given the chance to share their practice and vision in regards to micro-financing.

The finance head further related that she was inspired by the faith-based values of the stakeholders of the project, which make their partnership successful.

“It is very good to know since we at BDA also have this Values Transformation Training (VTT) which aim is promoting good values to our people as essential foundation towards a triumph of any endeavor”, Cadon told.

The Peace with Equity Foundation (PEF) together with the Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation organized the said study tour.

BDA having developed the Bangsamoro Development Plan (BDP) is looking forward for the practice of Islamic micro financing in the envisioned Bangsamoro government, as it is reflected in the plan that serves as roadmap for the agency in delivering development projects in Mindanao.

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