The Regional Management Office (RMO) in Ranaw operations cover the provinces of Lanao del Norte and Lanao del Sur including Marawi City.

It is composed of sixteen (16) staff, twelve (12) from the World Bank-Funded Mindanao Trust Fund Reconstruction and Development Program (MTF-RDP), four (4) from the Child Protection Component (CPC) under UNICEF program, and a pool of volunteers.

Manager: Aragasi S. Mohammad

Mindanao Trust Fund for Reconstruction and Development Program (MTF-RDP)

  1. Alioden S. Sangcopan, Institutional Development Officer
  2. Sailanie M. Alauya, Community Organizer Supervisor
  3. Cosain S. Batuampa, Planning Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
  4. Alexander M. Saidar, Rural Infrastructure Engineer
  5. Sittie Jamaliah B. Bagul, Finance Officer
  6. Norhaima S. Hadji Malik, Administrative Assistant
  7. Annaffii M. Marohom, Community Organizer
  8. Raquib A. Manalundong, Community Organizer
  9. Elias D. Taha, Community Organizer
  10. Aratoc M. Acor, Community Organizer
  11. Abdulcader R. Dilabayan, Community Organizer
  12. Casim M. Cali, Driver

Tahderiyyah Program

  1. Aleem Khairoden B. Hanafi, Coordinator
  2. Naimah P. Bent Habib Balindong, Monitoring & Evaluation Officer 

Child Protection System (CPS) Program

  1. Isnihaya I. Abubacar, Community Organizer
  2. Najmaliah A. Diamaoden, Community Organizer

Community Development in Conflict Affected Areas in Mindanao (CD-CAAM)

  1. Alinader A. Sarangani, Project Coordinator
  2. Jamel Omaca-an, Rural Infrastructure Engineer
  3. Cosain Solaiman, Operation Officer (Agriculture)
  4. Alimoden P. Macodi, Operation Officer (Fisheries)
  5. Diamel Lao, Community Organizer Supervisor
  6. Pendaton G. Maradi, Community Organizer
  7. Camalodin M. Bacar, Community Organizer

Sajahatra Bangsamoro Program

  1. Abdulnasser E. Gafur, Coordinator
  2. Norain I. Sampao, Health Focal 
  3. Umayah S. Camarodin, Livelihood/AA
  4. Naimah M. Hadji Usman, Education Focal/OA
  5. Nasruddin M. Linog, Field Facilitator-CLNAP
  6. Benjamen M. Macalonto, Field Facilitator-CLNAP
  7. Al-Haya Basher, Technical Assistant-CLNAP


  1. Mariam Jamaliah Shiek, Finance Assistant
  2. Sittie Farhana B. Anshary, UNHCR focal

Office Address: 3rd floor, JIMA building, Corner Baguinda Ali Street and Amai Pakpak Avenue, Barangay Marawi, Islamic City of Marawi, Lanao del Sur
Phone: +639083292715
Use the Contact Form below to send a message to the Regional Management Office – Ranaw .

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