Central Management Office (CMO) administers the overall operation of the Bangsamoro Development Agency. It oversees six (6) Regional Management Offices (RMOs) in six (6) geographical regions.

[box] Executive Director: Mohammad S. Yacob Division Heads:

  • Windel P. Diangcalan, Program 
  • Julie O. Maliga, Administrative 
  • Julhaina Cadon, Human Resources 
  • Tohami B. Ibrahim, Institutional Development
  • Norhaini Manongkarang, Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation 
  • Hamodi L. Tiboron , Finance 

Mindanao Trust Fund for Reconstruction and Development Program (MTF-RDP):

  • Luqman Tandalong, Program Management Officer
  • Jandatu S. Salik, Rural Infrastructure Engineer
  • Gina N. Sapi, Finance Officer
  • Aliuddin S. Haron, Training Officer
  • Norhana A. Kabagani, Information, Communication and Learning Officer
  • Antara Alfonso, Management Information System Officer
  • Hafidullah N. Kasan, Finance Assistant I
  • Sittie Norhannah Solaiman, Finance Assistant II
  • Noranna Z. Daud, Administrative and Procurement Assistant
  • Sittie Shareen Almirah S. Tabara, Executive Assistant
  • Sittie Joharnie Dawi, Cashier
  • Ibrahim Makakua, Logistics Officer 
  • Nasir I. Maraber, Driver
  • Musa S. Kusain, Driver

Tahderriyah Program:

  • Mokamad Y. Alon, Coordinator
  • Hadji Gapor Ahmad, Coordinator
  • Karim Amil, Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Naima Usop, Administrative and Finance

Child Protection Component (CPC) Program

  • Nor-ayn Makakena, Coordinator
  • Salidatan Abdulmaguid, Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Mariam Balimbingan, Administrative and Finance
  • Almira S. Danda, Finance Officer 

Community Development in Conflict Affected Areas in Mindanao (CD-CAAM)

  • Aida Silongan, Program Management Officer
  • Ismael Guiamel, Infrastructure Engineer
  • Mansur Panalangin, Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation Officer
  • Sittie Benazir Ulama, Information, Communication & Learning Officer
  • Isamel A. Suwaib, Administrative & Finance Officer

Program for Local Economic Development through Enhanced Governance and Grassroots Empowerment (PLEDGE)

  • Julhaina S. Cadon, Program Coordinator
  • Fairodz M. Pangunotan, Planning Officer 
  • Rahima A. Hassan, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer 
  • Fatima D. Abdullah, Administrative & Finance Officer
  • Macmod A. Ali, Marketing Specialist 

Community Empowerment through Food Sufficiency and Environmental Management (CEFSEM-WFP) 

  • Amiruddin Gani, Program Coordinator

Strengthening Capacities for IDP Protection (UNHCR) 

  • Jodsbarie S. Compania, Management Information System Officer 


  • Kaharudin Halil
  • Ben-ali Arsad
  • Norhani Ugalingan
  • Alisher Balua
  • Bassir Guiadel
  • Nasrie Guiamalon
  • Asrap D. Sultan

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