Peace building

Peace building is at the heart of what we do. At BDA, we seek to build communities that are just, inclusive and transparent. We put prime importance in social cohesion and values transformation as vehicles for development.

Social Welfare

Building resilience is essential to sustainable peace. We do this through the provision of access to basic services and support and protection for marginalized and socially excluded communities.

Economic Development

Communities fractured by conflict have experienced repeated incidences of punctuated development. At BDA, we support communities on the road towards rebuilding their lives through livelihood creation, technical skills and infrastructure development, and economic empowerment. All these are aimed at improving the overall quality of life.


Incidences of conflict have disrupted education systems and learning environments. We recognize the crucial role of a balanced and responsive education in contributing to building a culture of peace. BDA therefore creates educational opportunities and innovative approaches towards this end.

Health Improvement and Development

Improvement of quality of life means affecting change that ensures each individual a life of dignity. Widespread conditions of poverty in CAAs have resulted to poor health outcomes. Through our projects, we respond to the need for health improvement to achieve holistic social goals and social development gains.

MBD logo

Muslim Blood Donation

With a theme “Be a Healthy Muslim, Share Life, Donate Blood”, Muslim Blood Donation (MBD) is a program that aims to contribute to addressing the huge and continuing necessity of blood donors in Central Mindanao and its neighboring place. MBD is conducted every quarter of the year.

  • 2010 – 10th Placer Sandugo Award as organization partner
  • 2011 – 3rd  Placer Sandugo Award as organization partner  (with 22 donors awarded as galloners)
  • 2012 – 1st  Placer Sandugo award as organization partner (with 15 donors awarded as galloners)
  • 2013 – 3rd  Placer in groups/organization in mobile blood donation; Top 2 in Special Award on best performing NGOs and 3 Bronze awardees (18 units donation)
  • 2014 – 1st Placer sandugo award as organization partner
    •  Number 1 Top Best performing Non-Government Organization (NGO)
    • 2 Silver Medal awardees (25 units donation)
  • 2015 “most performing org.”  for National Voluntary Blood Service during the Sandugo Awarding Ceremony by the Department of Science in Technology (DOST) XII

Environmental Advocacy and Development

Sustainable development ensures the well-being of communities through integrating environmental conservation and protection. As stewards of our environment (vicegerency), our projects at BDA adhere to the right standards of environment and social safeguards. We also implement self-help projects to rehabilitate deteriorated environments making them livable for the future generations of the Bangsamoro.

Youth Development

The youth are the future leaders of the Bangsamoro. They are our partners in development. To make development gains more sustainable and longterm, it is important for us to build a generation of youth that has strong leadership and life skills, and solid core values.

Capacity Building and Strengthening

People, organizations and institutions are at the center of development. It is through them that change begins to happen. We seek to catalyze change in mindsets and attitudes; and build skills and capacities in the pathway to growth and development. We empower communities to take action and lead their own journey towards positive development outcomes and improved quality of life.

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