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Dr. Piang was the 1st Regional Manager of RMO Central Mindanao. He is an Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT) Specialist. Appointed in 2010 as the BOD Vice-Chairman, he is known for his significant contribution to the success of BDA’s health flagship program known as the “Muslim Blood Donation” as well as several Bangsamoro medical and relief operations. Dr. Piang also started with BDA in 2002 and has also been with the organization for more than thirteen (13) years.


  1. Establish levels of authorities and responsibilities of the Projects Approval Committee, Project Management Office, Regional Management Office, Units, Officers, and employees of BDA;
  2. Formulate and approve financing policies and implementing guidelines (including Operations Manual) needed to accomplish the purpose and objectives of the BDA;
  3. Review annually the policies and strategies of the BDA;
  4. Review and approve the Annual Work and Financial Plan of the BDA;
  5. Review the progress of the projects and the performance of the CMO and RMO in terms of the management of the delivery of services;
  6. Ensure that an external management and financial audit is undertaken;
  7. Authorize the Executive Director to perform any and all things necessary to implement the decisions and policies of the Board and all other matters that are delegated to him by the Board;
  8. Resolve policy issues relating to the timely and effective utilization of the BDA Funds;
  9. Submit a semi-annual and annual report to the MILF-CC and other concerned parties if necessary.
  10. Perform other tasks that may be assigned by the MILF-CC.

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