UBHA, continuing mission towards better humanitarian response

As the crisis in Marawi continues, strategies and initiatives carry on to better respond in this situation. On August 23-27, 2017 at Davao City, the United Bangsamoro Humanitarian Assistance (UBHA) underwent Planning Workshop towards the goal of strengthening its approaches and actions as humanitarian center.

The activity was successfully conducted through the support of the Dutch Mission with Rene Grotenhuis as resource person.

Attended by twenty five  participants from member organizations of the UBHA together with key staff of the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA), the workshop was aimed to assist UBHA  institutionalize its coordination protocols and become even more visible as an effective humanitarian tool to better responding the Marawi on-going crisis, in general.

The five-day activity included different lectures and workshops by which the major output included doable action plans that the UBHA may carry out as it intends to provide aid in rebuilding the lives of families affected in the Marawi conflict.

There were sharing among participants on humanitarian service experiences, lectures and workshops on impact of emergencies (natural and man-made calamities), risk analysis for Bangsamoro, Question and Answer on Marawi crisis, and coordination (UBHA structure).

UBHA is a network of various Bangsamoro civil society organizations (CSOs) which aim is to consolidate efforts and draw strategies to deliver effectively humanitarian assistance to individuals and families affected by conflict. BDA is the leading agency of the UBHA.

As reported, the UBHA has already reached out to thousands of families who evacuated due to conflict in Marawi through distribution of food pack and non-food items.

The UBHA has also recently reached out to families affected by the on-going conflict in Datu Salibo, Maguindanao on September 16, 2017.

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