A path of development for small communities


Road leads the way towards development. It connects people, lives and resources.

In Barangay Sambulawan, Dinas Zamboanga del Sur, this is indeed true as development is felt by communities through the construction of a tire path brought by the Mindanao Trust Fund for Reconstruction and Development Program (MTF-RDP) implemented by Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA).

According to Alfredo Corbita, member of Barangay Community Volunteers (BCV) organized under the program, the project brought major changes and development in the lives of the people in their barangay and the neighbouring communities. He related that all sectors in their community is benefiting from the project.

Agri and fisheries development

Alfredo related that the construction of the 147 meter-tire path in their barangay has helped greatly the farmers especially in transporting their crops to the nearest market. “It becomes easier for us to transport our products to sell. Before, it will take us longer hours to market our products. It was very difficult,” Alfredo said.

He shared that the only means of transportation before was a pull cart by the horse. They would pay 10 pesos for every kilo of rice or corn. Now, motorcycles can now access their community. “We can bring our products faster to the market and we would pay less for the transportation, Alfredo accounted.

Alfredo further shared that the tire path project brings better community for them. Accordingly, their life becomes more active. They now have more active and lively economic activities. He related that many people would go earlier at seashore waiting for fresh fish caught by the fisher folks. “It is easier for them now to go the shore unlike before, there is less people going there because the road was difficult especially when it rains,” Alfredo related.

Social welfare

The construction of tire path in Brgy. Sambulawan provides convenience and less worries to the pregnant women and to those who need urgent medical attention.

According wife of Alfredo, they have difficulties before in going to the nearest hospital. She would recall that most cases in their community would leave pregnant womenbare their babies at the horse cart while in transport to hospital.

“It really happens and it was very difficult. Sometimes, it happens at night and it was not safe for the baby and the mother. The project really is a big help,” she said.

Benefit to the children

Brgy. Sambulawan is among the far flung communities of Dinas Zamboanga del Sur. Local government institutions like school buildings are situated far from some residents where children would come from for schooling.

Children have to walk the distance and when it rains, it would be very difficult for them. They would have to bear the muddy and sticky road. Now that they have better road, through the tire path, they have easier access to education.

“It motivates the children to go to school regularly and the parents have lesser worries”, Alfredo said.


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